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Quick Tips / August 23, 2013 / Kristie

Infographics are a fun and visual way to show how a business or product works.

Our partners at iOSXpert have put together a cool infographic about Daylite to show how it can help you manage relationships, e-mails, documents, projects and more from your mac and iOS devices.

This infographic is also filled with supporting statistics that explain where profits are lost in businesses due to low productivity and proves how Daylite leads to an increase in productivity and therefore an increase in profit.

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Transcribed Infographic:

Relationship Management

The lack of customer relationship management systems results in a revenue loss fo 20% per year. At the same time almost 30% of extra work is incurred by manual processes and ineffective utilization of resources. 

Are you losing time due to missing information about a client? See all the relevant info plus full communication at once.

Follow-Up Management

Missed deals cause a profit loss of $13,000 for 55% of all surveyed companies, more than 18% of those lose even more than $650,000 per year.

Are you losing revenue because you can’t stay in contact with your customers? React quickly by using templates and automatically follow ups to stay in touch.

Email Management

Superfluous emails from co-workers cost companies around $1,800, poorly documented communication $4,100, and spam $1,250 per employee per year.

Do emails only reach part of your team and cause redundant data and delays? Turn emails into traceable tasks to stay up to date.

Offline Availability

74% of all sales and support employees spend at least 10% of their week at remote locations. They report a monthly average of  8 hours of reduced productivity due to unavailability of company resources there. Almost 3/4 of the respondents are frustrated by this regard. 

80% believe that this issue is a top priority. 

Are your projects losing momentum when your employees are offline?

Get access to all your data even if you’re offline, sync automatically as soon as you get back online.

CRM Integrated with Telephony

Poorly documented phone calls, disorganization and distractions leads to profit cuts of u to 25%. Over 40% of customers express that high effectiveness in providing information is important.

Are you losing profit due to poorly documented (or undocumented) customer calls? Daylite logs every call and provides all the information. Is it difficult for you to access information quickly when dealing with incoming customer calls?

See the full customer history at a glance and improve your customer service effectively. 

Project Management

Communication deficiencies caused by lack of interoperability of software systems leads to a weekly extra work of 5.3 hours. This equals a yearly loss of over $8,000 per employee. 20% of an average day is spent on “essential” work, 80% on non relevant or unnecessary work. 50% of all projects are behind schedule. 

Is your company missing the big picture of current projects? With Daylite and our integrated plugins fro project service providers you can easily stay on top of al tasks, and progress of projects any time and lead your employees efficiently. 

Are your managers losing control of project schedules? The consequences are rising costs and loss of time.

Get an immediate overview of the current situation and upcoming tasks.


Insufficient clarify of cash flow is the main reason why over 70% of all start ups go backrest within their first year.

Insufficient cost control causes your company to lose profit. Assign invoices to projects and get a complete overview of upcoming spendings. 

Document Management

Evert employee spends 38 hours – almost a work week – per year on the search for lost and misplaced documents. An employee spends half of their time on paperwork and data entry. Executives are losing 6 weeks per year searching for lost documents. 

When multiple employees work at the same project often redundant work and lost revisions of documents result in excess work.  Our enhancements for document management offer complete change revision control for your documents. 

Are your relevant documents stored in multiple places and are hard to find? Find your digital assets in one centralized location quick and easy.

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