Daylite is like Origami

Our Company / November 27, 2008 / Ryan

Marni “The MacAngel” Melrose makes a Guest Appearance on the Mac Lawyer’s Blog

Marni Melrose, one of our Master Certified Partners, was recently featured as a guest writer on The Mac Lawyer’s blog.

In Marni’s post she writes about her growing career as a Daylite “teacher”, and how she’s been able to help many people manage and grow business using Daylite as the platform for her methodology.

She compares Daylite to Origami:

“What I do know is that Daylite is daunting for some folks, and I completely understand. Think of a blank piece of paper. What do you do with it? Well, it depends who you give it to. If you give it to most people they won’t know what to do with it, they will “draw a blank”. If you give it to someone who makes Origami, you are going to get a beautiful piece of art back.”

Of course the article hones in on the law community, as she discusses her principle of using Daylite as a “steel trap” – to encompass all aspects of business, as well as personal stuff. Links to reviews from past clients in the law industry are provided, allowing potential new clients to look at feedback before soliciting her services. Marni also posts a link to a new “Daylite in the Law Office” webinar, giving viewers insight to the many benefits she offers.

Not everyone requires help from a Marketcircle Partner when getting started, but it is recommended for larger installs that want to formalize some processes and want to get the most out of Daylite. Daylite is a veritable goldmine and one of our certified partners can help you dig out some real nuggets – even as a single user.


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