Daylite makes a HUGE Impact

Our Company / May 12, 2008 / Ryan

I came across this today and figured I’d post this on our blog. Thanks to whomever wrote it (unfortunately the site isn’t in english so I couldn’t read everything on the page or find any contact info.). He mentions Daylite 3.1 which leads me to believe it’s an older post…I wonder what he’d think of Daylite 3.7?

Daylite is the software that has had the biggest positive impact on my work (keeping me organized, actually enabling me to manage and keep track of tasks, enabling quick access to information of all kinds related to people, orgs, projects etc and all of their relationships and history)–or more precisely, Daylite Productivity Suite which is Daylite plus a module that enables links with Apple Mail. It is by far the best tool I have seen for intuitively and systematically managing non-linear information–and lots of it, and being able to look at it all different kinds of ways. It helps to have a good overview before plunging in, but one can start simply and keep discovering more tricks over time. Daylite’s developers keep introducing more functionality that shows they are really thinking–and responding to users’ experiences.

Back to work!

Ryan Cash

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