Daylite on the iPhone – the dream is coming true.

News & Events / June 23, 2008 / AJ

Some of you have seen the Macworld article about “Daylite Touch” – our upcoming version of Daylite for the iPhone that supports OTA (Over the Air Sync). We are extremely excited about Daylite Touch and we’ve been working very very hard on it.

Many of you have asked us what we plan to do for the iPhone – and we answered that “we’re looking at it” or something else along those lines, but in reality we’ve been working on it since March 6th – the day the iPhone SDK came out. We have a significant portion of the engineering team on this project with the remainder split between Daylite and Billings. The engineering team is larger than it has ever been (50% of the entire company) and they are working at full tilt with lots of late nights.

A quick recap:

  • Daylite Touch will offer a subset of the features available on the desktop as well as a subset of the data. We will not discuss the specific feature set until we ship
  • You’ll be able to synchronize from any place, any time as long as you have a WIFI, Edge or 3G connection and your firewall ports are properly configured. You’ll be able to continue working if you are not connected for whatever reason
  • Daylite Touch will require a server (Daylite Touch Server) in order to perform the synchronization. The server must reside on the same machine as the Daylite database
  • We’ve taken what we’ve learned with the old Palm sync, the old Address Book sync, the current Sync Services and the current Offline sync and developed a new compact and interruptible Over the Air sync platform – designed to handle various Daylite intricacies
  • You will need Daylite 3.8 or 3.9 – which will be a free upgrade for all current Daylite 3 customers. There are no visual changes planned.
  • The server will be licensed on a per-devices basis – the per-device cost is yet to be determined
  • We will ship towards the end of the year

It was with great reluctance that I agreed to make this information public at this time. The main reason is that we don’t want to be distracted. We are making very good progress but we have lots to do. Remember that the iPhone SDK is a 1.0 release and Daylite is pretty deep (as many of you know), so we have some challenges to overcome.

We will be keeping this pretty low key until we ship. Please don’t expect frequent or lengthy updates. We are really excited and we’re pushing hard, so it’s best we stay in the groove.

An old dream is finally coming true and the future is looking great.

Until next time…

31 Responses to “Daylite on the iPhone – the dream is coming true.”

  1. AJ,

    Can’t wait! Keep working on it…but hurry! ;0)

  2. Peter White
  3. thanks AJ, I’m sure all Daylite users appreciate your news – we were just surprised to read about it from a news source and not you first.

    If there was no compelling reason to buy an iPhone before there certainly is now.

    I’m sure this project is far from easy so good luck and keep up the great work.


  4. Good news!

    What about Billings for iPhone?

  5. This is exciting news! Stay focused!

  6. Awesome news, keep up the great/hard work.

  7. That is terrific! Lots of excitement for all of us – this is better than the release of the new iPhone! Keep doing what you do best! OH, and THANKS A LOT!!

  8. AJ
  9. @oliver – we don’t have anything to announce for Billings – but stay tuned.

  10. Ralph
  11. So now we have to sit around like kids waiting for Christmas….
    This is great news.

  12. Kuma palani
  13. AJ, This is great news. Answers my question #3.

    If you can offer any additional insight on questions #2 so that I can exclsuively use Daylite in my MacBook Pro/iphone , to manage both incoming AND OUTGOING mail, that would be a blessing.

  14. This is wonderful news. The real thing in a portable package. Not some kludgey workaround from a 3rd party.

    Let me know if you need a beta tester. I’m getting my iPhone on the 11th.

  15. Fantastic news! Thank you!

    A thought: Daylite Touch will require a server (Daylite Touch Server) in order to perform the synchronization
    In case the database needs to be online permanently. How about considering an additional database hosting service? Maybe together with Apple, or a hosting provider like MediaTemple.

    Would be surely a nice feature for people who work alone, have now IT staff available when out of office, or change location often for longer periods.

    Anyway, I am excited about the great news!

  16. AJ and the team,

    This is fantastic news! There has been so much interest in this, especially on the heels of Mobile Me announced at WWDC 08. This will help us bring new clients on board with Daylite, and expand usage with many existing users, not to mention our own use here at Resources for Small Business and TechSource IT.

    We’re eagerly anticipating the release!

    Steve Jacobson
    TechSource IT
    Resources for Small Business

  17. Lon
  18. This is pretty close to what I wanted out of an iPhone. Great news! I too am eager to see what you’ve got planned for Billings; these applications have become indispensable to me. I’d purchase an iPhone right now if it meant I could leave the laptop at home. Thanks for the sneak peek!

  19. @AJ > Cool! I stay tuned!

  20. Patrick
  21. Ca, c’est vraiment une bonne nouvelle !

  22. This is great news. You hear so much about iPhone apps that will be of little use so to hear Daylite will release a very useful one makes the iPhone that much more valuable.

    I’ve talked with a few members of your company about the large increase of Daylite users that have been using our services to host their databases in a data center. I can imagine that now with this Daylite Touch Server, that interest will really peak with all the iPhone users.

    Thanks for continuing to innovate.

  23. AJ,

    Keep up the great work! Dig deep while sluggards sleep. Need any beta testers:)? For our organization mobility of data is essential. We are a niche global technology investment bank (patent asset centric) with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe.

    PS When we get past 50 users hopefully we can grow together. Your ability to push business critical info directly to the iphone including contacts, tasks, etc., will enable significant growth of your server solution.

    Keep up the great work and focus.

  24. Im very excited to hear about Daylite Touch.

    Being able to access Daylite on my new Iphone will
    change the way we do business.
    If billings touch was developed it would stream line our work flow that next step.

    Daylite and Billings are fantastic.. keep up the good work.

  25. Scott Greenberg
  26. I need to be able to look at some of my history/notes for each contact…. will we be able to have this ability???

  27. AJ
  28. Yes you will be able to look at some history. How much of it is yet to be determined.

  29. Great news…wouldn’t the “Touch” server eliminate the need for synchronization of the iPhone on a computer for contacts & calendars? I’ve waited a long time for MobileMe’s push service. Never made sense to have to sync everything at my desk.

    Am anxiously waiting…


  30. Rix
  31. I SERIOUSLY can’t wait and trust you’ll do an amazing job!

    Even if we only get tasks that sync via usb in the 1.0 release we’ll be happy!!!

  32. I agree with Doug Tomlinson. It sounds like the “Touch” server eliminates the need for sync services with the iPhone having direct DB access over the internet. If it is true, that would be completely wonderful. The one thing I miss is the simplicity of my old Palm Treo and hotsync. It worked flawlessly and wirelessly (via bluetooth). It was something I seriously missed when I was forced to switch to a blackberry.

    Sync Services is not the most elegant way to sync data to the my shiny new iPhone3G. Using a cable/iTunes adds to the unpleasantness of it. Real-time, direct DB syncing on the iPhone sounds much more attractive than anything so far.

    I know you guy’s will get it right! Go for it!

  33. AJ
  34. We agree with you Stephen. Sync Services has its functions but direct sync over the air is much better (IMHO).

  35. gary greenbaum
  36. Daylite is a strong multi-user, single location solution. MobileMe is a fair single user, multi location (internet “cloud”, laptop, desktop, iPhone) solution. I am seeking a strong multi-user, multi location solution. Will your iPhone touch software program bi-directionally synch with the “cloud” and MobileMe? Thanks for taking your time to respond to this comment.

  37. db
  38. Concerned with the idea that developers start going off in their own directions with syncing and thus away from a common source with data available to all apps, and dependent on a single source.

  39. AJ
  40. Sync Services will continue to work (and in-fact, our implementation will be improved), so if that is what you prefer, then you could use that.

    Unfortunately, Sync Services was not designed for the multi-user environment and cannot handle some of the intricacies of Daylite.
    Not only that, but Apple has not provided a way for developers to get data over sync services to the device.

    Also, our new system is more streamlined for the needs of our customers.

  41. Ben Ryan
  42. What is the expected release date of DL 3.9 and DL Touch?


    Ben Ryan
    (201) 670-7544

  43. AJ
  44. @Ben – We just submitted to the AppStore (see latest blog post). Now it’s a matter of waiting on the approval process.

  45. MS
  46. Hope ypu will include in TASKS – the CALL OUT Function & logg immediately.THis would be the most natural +++++ TOP convincing combination with daylite on a “”Phone”” >>> the USP for you (makes CRM 100% more accepted),


  47. Any word on the progress? I keep checking the app store and nothing. You’d think that with the press this app has gotten that they’d expedite the approval.

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