New in Daylite: Secure Your Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Product Updates / December 15, 2022 / Thanny Schmitz

Passwords are no longer secure enough. You need an additional layer of protection to safeguard your business and clients’ data and ensure that only the right people have access to your information. That’s where two-factor authentication comes in. We’re happy to share that Daylite now supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security and ensuring your data is well-protected at all times.

Image shows, on the left, the top half part of an iPhone screen showing the two-factor authentication step of the login process. On the right, a square shape shows a lock icon over a verification code for two-factor authentication.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data, adding an extra layer of protection to the login process. It is a crucial element to increase your business’s cyber-security as it minimizes the risks of unauthorized access, even if your password is compromised.

How Does It Work in Daylite?

With two-factor authentication turned on, Daylite requires a six-digit verification code as a second form of identification when logging into your account. Each code is generated by a trusted third-party authentication app, such as Google Authenticator, 1Password, or Passwords in Settings on iOS and macOS. Each code can only be used once and is valid for 30 seconds.

Six-digit one-time passwords for two-factor authentication are a widely supported industry standard and more secure than sending a code via SMS or email.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Daylite?

Enabling two-factor authentication in your Daylite account is quick and easy. You can do it by signing into Account Manager from our website. During the setup, you can choose which authentication app you’d like to use – Google Authenticator, 1Password, or Passwords in Settings – to obtain your verification code. You’ll also be provided with recovery codes, which you must record and store somewhere safe.

The process is the same for all devices – Mac, iPhone, or iPad. The next time you log in, Daylite will require a verification code.

Pro tip: Check out this Learn Article for step-by-step and more detailed instructions on how to set up two-factor authentication in Daylite.

How to Require Two-Factor Authentication for All Users?

Companies might require two-factor authentication for all users to log in to comply with industry standards and raise governance while providing a safer practice for employees. If that’s your case, the account owner can require two-factor authentication for all users from Account Manager. Once turned on, you can see which users’ devices are using two-factor authentication, as a badge will appear beside their names and devices on the Users page.

Please note that once two-factor authentication is on for all users, they will need Daylite version 2022.48 or newer to be able to log in. Anyone on an older version will get an “Unknown Error” message when trying to log into Daylite. 

Wrapping Up

We’re certain that two-factor authentication will add an extra layer of protection to safeguard your business and clients’ data, so you and your team can keep collaborating with confidence and growing with transparency.

Make sure you update Daylite to the latest version to take full advantage of two-factor authentication and much more. Remember that staying up to date with the latest macOS, iOS and iPadOS also gives you Apple’s newest features and important security updates.

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