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Daylite Touch for iPad – Sneak Peak

Our Company / November 30, 2010 / Ryan

The folks at AppStorm have been beta testing Daylite Touch for iPad for a little while and have just published their exclusive sneak peek of the application.

dt ipad review appstorm

Daylite Touch for iPad did very well, garnering a 9/10 rating.

A few quotes from the review:

Many of the productivity apps we’ve seen recently are big on eye-candy and short on features. This couldn’t be less true of Daylite Touch.

The interface is simple and frill-free and the functionality blows away anything you’ve seen before.

Daylite Touch in many ways simplifies the Daylite experience and makes it easier to understand for new users, while at the same time leveraging all the power and flexibility that seasoned veterans want.

Daylite Touch harnesses all of the unrivaled professional project management tools of Daylite for the Mac and wraps them in an extremely simple and user-friendly interface that feels right at home on your iPad.

You can read their in-depth review here.

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