Daylite Touch Submitted to the AppStore!

Product Updates / March 7, 2009 / Alykhan Jetha

Exactly one year after Apple released the iPhone SDK and exactly one year after we began development, we submitted Daylite Touch to the AppStore yesterday.

Daylite Touch is major milestone for us as a company. Not only is it our first mobile app, it is also a milestone for small businesses. You’ll get functionality that even large scale enterprise systems don’t have, such as scheduling meetings with colleagues right from the phone (you can also view their calendars). You’ll get power features such as open projects with linked tasks, appointments and notes (from all users). You’ll get really useful “on the go” features such as the home screen with everything you have to do today and tomorrow. And more…

All of this is to bring our vision of helping small businesses grow bigger and better. These rough economic times hold great opportunity for savvy small businesses. We stand behind those entrepreneurs — the driving force of the future economy.

At the Macworld Best of Show award ceremony, the Macworld crew noted something pretty important (for us anyways) – Daylite Touch is probably the deepest app on the iPhone. They also noted how we went to extensive pains to get the UI right. We didn’t just throw features in there, but we thought really hard about not only what should be there but how it should be there. And then there is the back-end server that makes all of this happen (which is not just the over the air sync).

It’s been a long road and the finish line is just around the corner.

I suspect that it will take us about 4 weeks to get the approval and have the app available for you (I’m factoring in one rejection and re-submision). In the meantime, we are very close to finalizing Daylite 3.9 and the new Daylite Server – both of which are required for Daylite Touch. We just have a few kinks to iron out. We’ve been using it in production since November and many of our Master Partners have been using it in production since early February.

We’ll have more information for you soon.
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