Daylite User: Suhr Guitars. Old-World Craftsmanship, Modern Technology.

Scaling / March 4, 2009 / Ryan

Steve Henry, one of our Certified Partners passed on an Apple Business Profile about one of his clients. Apple’s Business Profiles tell stories of success – businesses that have grown and prospered using Apple’s products and recommended software.

This story tells the tale of an elite guitar shop, offering old-world craftsmanship using today’s latest technology. Suhr Guitars is an all Mac shop that uses Daylite to handle new and existing business, as well as customer communication.

To help maintain an exceptional level of service, Suhr Guitars uses a Daylite customer relationship management (CRM) system running on the Xserve and accessible from every iMac or MacBook Pro in the company. Daylite tracks company contacts, dealers, and customers and is integrated with the company’s email system to streamline communications related to marketing and sales.

Just wait until they get their hands on Daylite Touch!

Ryan Cash

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