Daylite wins 4/5 Mice Award from Macworld!

Our Company / June 10, 2008 / Ryan

Macworld Review: Daylite 3.7

We are pleased to receive the 4 out of 5 Mice appraisal from Macworld. Here’s a little snippet of the article:

Daylite 3.7.3 adds a ton of small enhancements over previous versions, such as several new templates, speed improvements (especially with Microsoft Word mail merging), interface tweaks, and faster syncing between online and offline databases. However the major draw is support for new add-ons, such as integration with Cognito Software’s MoneyWorks, FileMaker 9 import, and Xsilva Systems’ LightSpeed point-of-sale system. Add-ons range in price from $99 to $299 for both individual users and per server.

Macworld’s buying advice

Confronted with Daylite’s comparatively high price tag, you may decide to piece together a bunch of lower-cost or open source programs instead. Don’t. As an organizer, Daylite 3.7.3 keeps a set of powerful tools in one convenient application. For those considering the upgrade, the new add-ons are helpful, but since there are only four available right now, it makes sense to consider which add-ons are important to you.

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Ryan Cash

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