DayliteDocs Plugin From iOSXpert

Product Updates / July 16, 2015 / Kristie

Do you have a lot of PDF documents that you need to save for your Contacts, Opportunities, or Projects? Our friend at iOSXpert have released a new Daylite plugin called DayliteDocs that makes managing documents in Daylite even easier.

DDocs Video Anfangsfolie EN

DayliteDocs Features:

  • See at a glance, all the documents for a specific Person, Company, Opportunity, or Project to quickly scan and find the one you need
  • View all documents stored in Daylite from the Global Overview
  • Find a document by searching linked objects such as a Person or Company and even search content within the document
  • View your documents in Preview Mode without having to open them
  • View 2 documents side-by-side to compare

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Checkout this video to see what you can do with DayliteDocs.

For more information and to download this plugin, visit iOSXpert’s website.

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