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Our Company / July 9, 2008 / Ryan

Ok, I’m trying to hold in my excitement. I guess part of my excitement is due to the upcoming iPhone 3G release this Friday, but the real reason for my excitement has been the incredible interest (countless emails, phone calls, forum discussions, press interviews, you name it) in Daylite Touch, which we’ve recently made public.

We were planning on keeping things to ourselves until closer to a release date – but we caved. After making a short announcement on our blog and doing an interview with (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), we decided to publish, as a means to keep you updated.

We recommend signing up to stay in touch (no pun intended) so that you can be the first to know when we have more information on Daylite Touch, your business in your pocket. Just visit this website and drop your email address in the box – we’ll do the rest.

Ryan Cash

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