We Received An Employer Appreciation Award!

Our Company / April 11, 2017 / Kristie

We had a visit from the Coordinator of the Enhanced Language Training program of the Toronto District School Board who presented us with the Employer Appreciation Award.

Photo: Enhanced Language Training program Coordinator, Paulina, with Jibin, and our Operations Manager, Asim Baksh.

The Enhanced Language Training program is designed to help newcomers to Canada integrate into the workforce. They look for potential employers that are willing to take on new employees and help them get comfortable in the Canadian workforce in terms of language and skills. These are prequalified candidates who have experience in the appropriate field and are looking for employment after recently migrating to Canada.

The program is used as a stepping-stone to help skilled individuals that would otherwise face a difficult time assimilating into the workforce in a new country.

Our CEO, AJ, came to Canada as a refugee when he was a child and remembers the struggles his parents and older siblings first faced when emigrating to Canada and trying to find jobs. He remembers the kind-hearted individuals that gave his family members the opportunity to learn and work at a professional level in Canada. So when the Enhanced Learning Program coordinator, Paulina, reached out to us about having a potential candidate, we jumped onboard right away to get involved in the program.

“The vast majority of immigrants– especially refugees– become assets to the country once they’ve assimilated and Canada does a great job of assisting during the transition. Getting involved in a program that helps new immigrants to enter the Canadian workforce was a no-brainer. In the future, many of them will help drive our great country forward.”
– AJ, CEO of Marketcircle

We welcomed Jibin into the Marketcircle family as part of the development team. Within the first six weeks it was evident that he possessed the skills required to thrive in our environment here at Marketcircle.

Thank you to the Enhanced Language Training program and the Toronto District School Board for facilitating in helping skilled individuals make Canada a better place – and for introducing us to Jibin!


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