Estimates Are Now Available On Billings Pro iPhone & iPad

Product Updates / July 27, 2015 / Kristie

We are happy to announce that estimates in Billings Pro have come to the iPhone and iPad. Now you can create, edit, and send estimates from anywhere.


Maybe this situation sounds familiar to you– you’re with a client discussing how you can help make their dreams come true thanks to your amazing services. You let them know you can give them a cost estimate before sealing the deal. The only thing standing in your way is getting back to the office so you can prepare a quote. But now with estimates available on the iPhone and iPad, you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office because you can create an estimate on the spot while you’re still with your client.


Create Estimates On The Fly

Creating an estimate on the go is just as easy as invoicing with Billings Pro on your iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is create the estimate slips, choose an estimate template, and BAM you’re good to show your client. We’ve replicated the same time-saving invoice on the fly workflow on the iPad with estimates. With one tap on the Billings Pro iPad Home Screen you can start creating an estimate from scratch. You can skip the steps of creating a project because Billings Pro automatically creates the project for you as you whip up the estimate.

estimate home landscape-475

Edit Estimates On The Spot

Another great thing about estimates on the iPhone and iPad is that you can revise a cost estimate while you’re still with a customer or lead. Even if you’ve just left a meeting and your customer calls you up and decides they need a bit more work done, you can easily modify your cost estimate to add in extra details, more work, or tweak the amount right from your iPhone or iPad. No time is wasted and the details are fresh in your mind so you’re less likely to make an error.

“When you have the opportunity to do business with a customer, the faster you can get them to sign off on your agreed arrangement, the better chance you have of doing business with them. We heard from Billings Pro customers that a lot of the time they need an estimate ‘yesterday’. By bringing estimates to iOS, we’ve made it faster to get the ball rolling.” says AJ, our CEO.

estimate-slipNew Colour For Estimate Slips

For the iPhone and iPad we’ve made estimate slips purple to help you easily differentiate from working slips. From any estimate slip, you can select it and start working right from that slip. Billings Pro will create a working slip from the estimate slip so all the details are already there and you have a checklist to go by as you complete a project. This helps you to make sure everything you quoted your customer is done, whether it’s an expense added, a time slip, or a product added by quantity.

Watch the Video
Check out estimates on the go in action.

For more info about estimates on the iPhone and iPad, visit our What’s New page and Estimates page.

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