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Executing on Plans / May 29, 2013 / Kristie

A great way to increase productivity in the work place is by incorporating the 5 elements of Feng Shui. Inc Magazine provides an enlightening article called Feng Shui Tips for the Home Office with advice from Ken Lauher, Feng Shui consultant about the elements of Feng Shui and how to utilize them in your office:



  •  Increases creativity, motivation, inspiration & good health
  • Commonly represented by green & brown and is balanced best when placed in the eastern corner of the office
  • Ideal for lawyers and medical professionals because it symbolizes loyalty
  • Plants are a prime example of how to incorporate this element, and also serve as great listeners! 😉                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Most aggressive element, and therefore increases productivity by promoting passion and excitement
  • Represented by the colour red, and is recommended for therapists and artists to promote a lively environment
  • Should be placed in the southern area of your workplace for ideal balance
  • A candle would be an easy way to add a touch of this element, or if you’re really craving some passion, build a small fireplace for the office


  • Brings balance and stability to the workplace- don’t confuse this with core balance, for that you need to do crunches! 🙂
  • Most common colours are… you guessed it; earth colours! Light browns, yellows, orange and sand are earth colours, usually made of clay, brick or ceramic and should be placed in the centre of the office
  • Highly recommended for lawyers and accountants because they help strengthen relationships


  • Brings financial success and can be used with accents of silver, gold, copper or marble
  • Should be used in small amounts to keep from throwing off your chi balance- don’t get creedy and turn your whole office gold!
  • Ideally placed in the western corner of your office, and is great for anyone wanting to increase the big ‘cha-ching$’ .


  • Bring opportunity and improve communication
  • Promotes networking and increases learning, so it is beneficial to all business types
  • Common colours are blue and black, and can be objects such as mirrors, mini fountains or anything made from glass such as a fish bowl (because not everyone has room for a fountain in their office)
  • Should be placed in the northern end of the office and are great for artist studios because it increases intelligence and concentration
  • Also beneficial for lawyers or investors because it promotes trust.

To optimize the benefits of each element, try to maintain a neat and tidy workplace. Throwing a few piles of dirt in the middle of your office, or dumping out your pocket change in the west end of your desk won’t help to increase productivity. Organization helps to restore and maintain balance so that the energy from each element flows freely. Be creative and have fun with the elements that suit your personality the most! 🙂


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