Filtering Forms in Daylite

Quick Tips / July 16, 2013 / Kristie

Last week we covered how to create custom forms in Daylite and touched on a few different uses for forms. Once you’ve created a form, you can filter through specific information on the forms and create smart lists with this information. How you filter through these forms is completely up to you, depending on what you need it for.  Let’s say you are a sales representative and send out a survey to all of your prospective clients that use a Point of Sale system and want to filter that list for people that searched for your solution through Google.


You can filter those specific forms for only the ones where the client said they learned about you through Google.

1. From the Daylite sidebar, select the form you want to base this on.

2. Using the filter function (magnifying glass above your list of forms), choose the field(s) you want to filter against and the criteria your looking for. In this case, “How did you learn about us”, is “Google”.


This gives you a filtered list of people that found out about you through a Google search. Let’s adjust the filter so you see what people only know a little about you. Select “How much do you know about us? and select “little”. Now you have a filtered list of people that only know a little about you.  You can target this list of people to send out an informative e-mail explaining what you can offer.


From that list, you can also click on that person to show all of their answers for questions in the survey. This way if you were filtering through a list you can still go into the individual’s answers to find additional information.


Filtering is ideal for being able to pull up information fast. Filters can be saved as smart lists as well (if you use it on a regular basis). For a short video on filtering and smart lists, check out our tutorial video page:
Next week we will show you how to use these forms and smart lists so that you can Reach the Right People and send out targeted e-mails with the use of Letter Templates and/or third party mailers.

What ways have you found to create smart lists that help you to be more productive?

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