How To Find What You Need Fast While On The Go With Filtering On iPhone & iPad

Quick Tips / January 6, 2016 / Kristie

It’s no secret that there’s a rise in small businesses needing to be mobile. Keeping up with your clients, projects, and new business opportunities doesn’t stop when you leave your office. You still have clients calling you asking for updates, appointments you need to keep track of, and new business opportunities that need nudging forward.

Being able to access and quickly find your business information is key to getting work done while you’re on the move. You can’t push a project forward while you’re on the go if you can’t access that information in a timely manner. Being able to get to the information you need is mandatory to getting things done.

We’ve added filtering on the go to Daylite 6 to make finding what you need easier and faster from your iPhone and iPad. You can then take it a step further and use the search to find things within a filter.


Filtering contacts on the go

Find yourself needing to sift through people to find who you’re looking for while you’re on the move? Now in Daylite 6, you can filter your contacts on iPhone and iPad by category, keyword, first name or last name. And when you’re filtering your contacts you can switch tabs to look at the list by people or by companies.  So if you’re planning an event and you’re out and about when one of your vendors drops the news that they’ve had to cancel, you can quickly pull up a list of other vendors and start calling. Simply filter your Daylite contact list by the category “Vendor” and here’s your list of people to go after.




You can also use this feature to stay on top of new leads. If you’re using a keyword to tag your new leads, you can filter your contact list for people that have the keyword “New Lead” and see which people you need to touch base with. While you’re waiting to pick up the kids from soccer practice, you can get a few phone calls done.

Another great use for filtering contacts is for networking purposes. You can use keywords to tag various companies such as “Fortune 500” or even the specific type or industry of the company. While you’re out and about and you meet someone of importance that’s interested in connecting with others within their industry or business space, you can pull up a list of people to put them in touch with. Simply filter your contacts for that specific keyword such as other “Fortune 500” then switch to view only companies. There you’ll have a list of other companies you can discuss about introducing to this new contact.

Filtering projects on the go

Need a way to quickly hone in on a specific number of projects while you’re out and about? Projects in Daylite 6 can now be filtered by category or keyword from your iPhone and iPad. Lets say you’re a recruiter and you create a project in Daylite for each position you need to fill. While you’re on the road meeting candidates or even if they happen to bump into you, you can easily pull up a list of job openings that are suited for this person by filtering for projects matching a specific category and/or keyword.

You can categorize your projects (job openings) by industry such as “Medical”, “Tech”, “Design”, etc. and use keywords to tag specific job types like “Nurse”, “IT Personnel”, or “Design Assistant”. When you’re out of the office and get a call from a candidate about available nursing positions, all you have to do is filter your projects by category matching “Medical” and keyword matching “Nurse” on your iPhone or iPad.



Filtering opportunities on the go

Need to keep tabs on your new business opportunities while you’re out of the office? Opportunities in Daylite can now be filtered by category, keyword, or by state from your iPhone and iPad so you can quickly pull up a list of specific ones. Are you in the real estate business and using opportunities to keep track of properties for sale? When you’re on the go you can quickly pull up a list of properties that a client may be interested in using this new filtering feature on your iPhone or iPad.

As a real estate agent, you may already be using opportunities for each property for sale and using categories to define the type such as “apartment”, “condo”, “house” etc. You can then use keywords to tag each opportunity with specific details like “3 bedroom”, “2 bathroom”, or “bungalow”. If you’re meeting with a client or get a call from a client while you’re on the go, you can quickly pull up a list of opportunities that match what they’re looking for by filtering opportunities that match the requirements. Within your opportunities on your iPhone or iPad simply apply the filter for opportunities matching the category “Condo” and with the keywords “3 bedroom” and “2 bathroom”. If you have photos of the property linked to the opportunity you can easily pull those up to show your client while you’re with them.




Another new feature in Daylite 6 is the ability to take photos and link them in Daylite from your iPhone or iPad. So if you’re out with a client showing them a house you can pull up the opportunity in Daylite, snap a photo of the property and link it right to the opportunity.

Filtering tasks on the go

Need to check what tasks you can get done while on the go? You can filter tasks by category, keyword, status, and priority. This makes it easy to quickly see only the tasks you want to look at while you’re out, instead having to scan your full to-do list and figure out which of these you can get done while you’re out of the office.

If you’re following David Allen’s GTD methodology and organizing tasks by Home, Phone, Emails, Errands, etc, you can use keywords to tag your tasks with @Phone, @Emails, @Errands,etc. If you’re running around town or waiting in your car, you can filter your tasks on your iPhone or iPad to see a list of things you can do while you’re out. From your iPhone or iPad, select your Daylite tasks, apply a filter using the keyword “@Phone” or “@Errands” and there’s your to-do list while you’re out.



Editing and adding categories & keywords

On top of being able to filter by categories and keywords, you can also now edit categories and keywords from your iPhone or iPad with Daylite 6. If you meet a client while you’re out of the office and they need a new category or keyword that isn’t already in Daylite, you can add that category/keyword to your Daylite preferences right from your iPhone or iPad. This way you’re keeping your information organized no matter where you capture it, and your filtered results will be up-to-date.



Watch the following video to see filtering on the iPhone & iPad in action.

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