Five Mice for Daylite!

Our Company / June 20, 2008 / Ryan

I just read Tom Gorham’s review of Daylite 3.7.3 in the June issue of MacUser magazine, and figured I’d share it with our user community. MacUser rated Daylite 5 out of 5 Mice, the best rating possible this prestigious magazine awards. When listing Daylite’s pros, Tom mentions:

Pros: Very powerful + Great interface + Inexpensive

The cons that were listed were:

Cons: None!

Here’s Tom’s final words at the end of the article, summarizing his experience with the latest version of Daylite:

Although there’s an inevitable learning curve involved in getting the most out of Daylite, it still manages to marry powerful customer management tools with a Mac look and feel. If there’s a better way to organise your business, we’ve yet to see it.

For the entire MacUser article, check out their website.

Ryan Cash

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