Four Qualities of Outstanding Salespeople

Scaling / February 8, 2012 / Ryan

When I came across the “Four Qualities of Outstanding Salespeople” section in the book Driven (by Robert Herjavec) I immediately thought of sharing it on our blog.

Whether you’re a salesperson by definition, the founder of a new business, or simply a freelancer, these four qualities are important to have. They’re also good to be aware of when you’re trying to convince your boss (or wife) of something 😉

Four Qualities of Outstanding Salespeople

  1. They believe in what they do. Selling is difficult and demanding, especially when the economy is bad. Handling the inevitable rejection and failures is impossible without total commitment to your job as a salesperson.
  2. They enjoy and engage people. Effective salespeople make buyers feel good about their decision, and they do this by engaging other people.
  3. They listen more than they talk. By listening closely, good salespeople learn about needs and concerns, and know when and how to employ sales techniques.
  4. They eliminate reasons not to make the sale. Positive attitudes are wonderful, but they alone are not enough to eliminate buyer objections. Countering buyer objections effectively is the single most important talent of a good salesperson.

I recommend checking out the entire book – lots of useful stuff in there. You can get it from Amazon or in iBooks.

A bit more about Robert:

Robert Herjavec is a Canadian businessman and investor, most famously known for his role as an investor on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and ABC’s Shark Tank.

Robert came to Canada when he was only three, settling in with his family that had almost no money.

From Wikipedia:

In 1990 he founded BRAK Systems, which soon became Canada’s top provider of Internet security software. BRAK Systems was sold to AT&T in 2000 for $100 million, and Herjavec took a position there as VP of Internet Security. He subsequently became VP of Sales at RAMP Networks, which was later sold to Nokia for $225 million. In 2003, Herjavec founded The Herjavec Group, a security software company, of which he is presently the CEO.

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