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Our Company / May 19, 2015 / Kristie

We’ve created Free Daylite Training Courses to help everyone learn Daylite. Each course is pre-recorded and broken down into segments so you can learn at your own pace. You can binge watch all of the courses in a row and become a Daylite Superstar overnight, or watch a few at a time and gradually implement what you’ve learned into your workflow. Whatever your pace, they’re there for you watch watch and learn – whenever you want.


Everyone’s first experience with Daylite is different. For someone who’s used a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Project Management app before, picking up and getting going with Daylite can be fairly simple. For others, it takes time to grasp how they can use Daylite’s features for their business. For someone who’s never used a CRM or project management app, Daylite can seem like a lot to take in because it does so many things. Even people that have been using Daylite for years still find out new tricks and workflows that they can use.

We want everyone to be able to harness the power of Daylite to super charge their workflow and boost their productivity levels through the roof. To really use Daylite effectively, you first need to understand the concept behind it and the foundation it was built on. Starting at the beginning, you’ll learn the Productivity Pyramid that Daylite was built around. This explains why Daylite was created, how it works, and how it helps you grow your business. So whether you just started using Daylite or you’ve been using it for years, these courses will help you understand and implement the business practices that Daylite was built around so you can leverage them for your business.

As you dive deeper you’ll learn how to automate processes, best practices for tracking leads and winning business, and effective workflows for managing tasks and projects both on your own and as a team. These courses also teach you tips and tricks for customizing Daylite to fit your business and personal workflows so you can accomplish things faster.

If you’ve been wanting to see a bit more of what Daylite can do, or want to get your team using Daylite more so they can see the benefits that you do, here’s your opportunity. Shed some Daylite on your business and start learning today.

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