From Island To The Hub Of Your Business: Announcing Powerful Daylite Integrations

Product Updates / April 17, 2018 / JD

Wouldn’t it be nice if other apps could talk with Daylite? Maybe you’d have someone added to your MailChimp list just by adding a Keyword to them in Daylite? Or notify your team on Slack that a new Project was created?

Well now thanks to Zapier Triggers & WebHooks, you can make Daylite and other apps share information so you can automate more than ever and save loads of time!

We are happy to announce after a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, you can now create and share information from Daylite to other apps, allowing you to create automated workflows and integrations because Daylite’s API now has WebHooks. WebHooks have the power to change Daylite from isolated to connected by helping you share your Daylite data with other apps and build interactions with them. In other words, Daylite can be the hub of your Business.


You can have Daylite and other apps talk to each other by building integrations in a few different ways:


Zapier is an online automation tool that acts like glue, connecting your favourite apps. Without the need for coding, or hiring a developer, you can quickly build integrations and share information with over 1000 apps.

Here are a few Zap templates we’ve created that you can use and change to fit your workflow:


Watch Daylite & Zapier in Action

Daylite API

For even more powerful integrations, you can build integrations customized to your needs with the Daylite API directly. You can build an integration at any time on any platform (i.e., AWS Lambda, Google Functions or make small Heroku services). The Marketcircle Developer Hub can help you start building your first integrations with the API right away. If you want the power of the Daylite Cloud API but don’t have access to someone who can build one, we have trained Experts who can build the integration of your dreams.

Not on Cloud yet?

Daylite doesn’t have to be an island anymore. Build new integrations and make Daylite the hub of your business with the latest addition of WebHooks in the Daylite  API. Take advantage of WebHooks, and the Daylite API by Going Cloud.

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