Get Documents Signed in a Snap with Daylite & SignEasy

Product Updates / November 19, 2020 / Kristie Holden

There’s something exciting about winning a new client and that moment you get the signed contract is a victory in itself. Now thanks to Daylite and SignEasy, it’s super simple to create documents such as contracts, get them signed, and keep them organized in your CRM.

Say good-bye to the hassle of printing and scanning signed contracts and say hello to the paperless and efficient way of getting contracts signed in a snap!

Daylite and SignEasy

Closing deals in a remote world

In a remote world, getting documents such as contracts signed in a paperless way is a critical part of the process of closing the deal. Between social distancing and businesses attracting new clients around the globe through digital marketing, printing out documents to be signed in person is becoming a thing of the past. Now people expect to get and sign documents electronically, speeding up the process for everyone.

Better together

We’ve partnered with SignEasy, the best e-signature app for small and medium sized businesses, to make the process of getting documents signed much simpler. Seeing as we’re both mobility partners with Apple, choosing to partner with SignEasy was a no-brainer! We’re excited to partner together to help small and medium sized businesses close more deals and grow their business.

With Daylite and SignEasy you can now:

  • Create and send a documents to clients in a snap
  • Save the signed documents in Daylite to the client and opportunity record so everything is in one place
  • Save time creating and sending contracts
  • Go paperless, no more printing paper!

Check out this demo to see how easy it is to use!

Daylite and SignEasy Integration Tutorial from Marketcircle on Vimeo.

Try SignEasy free

Want to close deals faster with the simple way to create contracts and get them signed? Try out SignEasy free for 14 days! Use the code DAYDISC10 for 10% off all plans.

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