Great Reception of Daylite for iPad So Far

News & Events / October 29, 2010 / ryan

I’m blogging from the show floor at PDN PhotoPlus, North America’s largest commercial photography expo.

We’re showing off the usual (Daylite, Billings, and Billings Pro), but we’re also showing something new.

We’ve been giving people a sneak peak of Daylite for iPad, and so far it’s been a big hit. There are tons and tons (did I mention lots?) of photographers walking around the show with an iPad in-hand (not to mention the overwhelming dominance of Mac computers).

This is the first time anyone outside of our company (and partners/beta testers) has seen Daylite running on the iPad, and so far the feedback has been great.

We’re very excited to get this out the door, and since entering beta earlier this week, we shouldn’t be too far off – although we aren’t announcing a ship date just yet.

Here’s a quick shot of our booth:

marketcircle booth at pdn photoplus

16 Responses to “Great Reception of Daylite for iPad So Far”

  1. The big issue: what will it cost?

    I am one person, with two Macs, two iPhones, and an iPad.

    The cumulative costs associated with Marketcircle’s current pricing is extraordinarily high in this case. Then multiply the cost across employees, all with multiple platforms.

    The pricing should be per user or concurrent user, not per device.

  2. Need beta tester in Switzerland? 😉
    We are very enthusiastic on seeing daylite for iPad working at our office. It could be a great Christmas present.


  3. Florian
  4. I am waiting…..not exactly very patiently…….


  5. Eagerly awaiting it…

  6. Rob
  7. Tend to agree with XCO that, although I am a great fan of Daylite, the cost of multi-platform use for small start-up companies is extreme resulting in us using less effective but more affordable software such as Jumsoft’s Relationship.

    A less costly pricing strategy would certainly be appreciated.

  8. AJ
  9. @rob – unfortunately, we cannot make a change right now (we aren’t changing the backend at this point), but your comment is noted.

  10. Sven
  11. Where can I apply for beta tester program? 🙂

  12. Damon
  13. If we download iPhone version for our ipads right now to use until you release the iPad version, will you charge us twice or allow us to apply iPhone app fee to new iPad app version

  14. AJ
  15. @Damon. For now, the licensing model remains the same. 1 per device. We’ll adapt in the future (otherwise, we’ll never ship).

  16. […] at MILOfest 2010 to share recent developments with Daylite and what we can expect from the iPad version of Daylite (coming […]

  17. Paul L
  18. I agree with xco and rob. I love you product but pricing structure is making it hard for me to justify. I am a sole business owner. I have desktop mac, two laptops, iPhone and iPad. I use all during day. iPad great for recording info. iPhone is great for portability. Laptop and desktop great for production. As a pro photographer I count on this as an assistant/secretary. It makes my job easier. I’m hoping that the $50 subscription includes usage on iPad. I’m a small business And can’t afford to pay for this app twice. I deal with logging out of laptop to use desktop but would hate to have to do this with my iPhone and iPad. Please don’t price yourself out of my business.

  19. AJ
  20. @Paul. See my response to your other post.

  21. Nice CRM-system but don’t push it to the limit. I use it all the time on several machines, especially now my salesteam is growing up to ten it’s gonna cost me. Everyone has a iPad, iPhone and Macbook or iMac so a single user nowadays stands for 2-3 devices minimum. For crying out loud; pricing should be per user or concurrent user, not per device like for the iphone and ipad!

  22. Marlon
  23. What does “we’ll adapt in the future?” mean
    . I am actively looking for another program to take the place of Daylite ( both desktop and iPhone) b/c a per device YEARLY license is just too much…too much.
    I just won’t pay a yearly on my iPhone AND an iPad version.
    In a sole proprietorship situation, it makes no sense- ESP. since some of the functionality of the program isn’t used in such a small business.
    Any suggestions? I’m looking at Relationship2 (jumsoft) and pocket informant.

  24. Paul Musgrave
  25. When will all you guys who acknowledge what great and valuable software DayLite is but gripe about the pricing structure get real!? Do you think the guys at Marketcircle run a charity? Great robust software like Daylite and Billings is built on long hours and years of experience, both of which cost money.

    You say “it makes my life easier, it saves me time, I’d love to see this feature or that platform…but I don’t want to pay for it.”

    Next time you take your partner out for dinner tell the waiter you’d both like to eat and drink, but you only want to pay for one course. I think you’ll go home hungry and quite rightly so!

    Have some respect for the time and expertise that goes into keeping DayLite at the agile edge of digital development and if you really can’t afford it maybe you need to think about changing the pricing models in your own business!

    Keep up the good work guys. I can’t wait to get DayLite (and hopefully one day Billings) onto my iPad and I’ll be more than happy to pay whatever price you guys decide is fair to charge either once, yearly or whatever…so long as the product keeps evolving has it has for the past 6 years that I’ve used it I’ll be a happy and loyal customer!

  26. @Paul

    I really appreciate what you’ve said. I think a lot people are under the impression that it only takes about a week to pump out an iPhone app – totally not the case. Might be true for some apps but not ours.

    Thanks for the support and kind words!

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