Halloween costume contest winners!

Our Company / November 8, 2013 / Kristie

For some of the employees at Marketcircle, Halloween is an important day and costumes are planned months in advance! Nurses, police officers, and cats are all fun costumes, but let’s be honest…they’ve been done before. Here at Marketcircle, we award real creativity!

Last week we had our first Halloween costume contest and the competition was fierce! Contestants were given an opportunity to walk down the ‘Halloween competition runway’ to fight for the title of Best Costume! Our panel of volunteer judges had a tough time deciding on a winner and runner up. Contestants were judged based on creativity of the costume, ability to act the part, and accuracy of the costume. Take a look at some of the contestants:


After a long deliberation, the judges agreed on the contest winners for Marketcircle’s 2013 Halloween Costume Contest. The runner up award was given to Emily who was dressed as Freakazoid. The 1st prize winner was awarded to… drum roll please…Carolyn, who was dressed as the Travelocity gnome!


An honourable mention was given to Rahim for coming pretty close to resembling Marketcircle’s CEO, AJ.


Thank you to all those who participated and better luck next year!



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