Here Comes the Sun

Our Customers / August 13, 2008 / Ryan

…is a great song. The title isn’t the only part I like about The Apple Blog’s in-depth review of Daylite 3.7, written by Iyaz Akhtar – who also belongs to a small video production company.

I especially like his bit on opportunities:

“You can add a New Opportunity to the Opportunities section of the application. I have never seen this kind of function before. This feature is obviously geared towards a business. Since I am pursuing advertisers and sponsors, this is a great section. Once an opportunity is acted upon, you can create a project. “Opportunities” is like a pre-Project zone.”

Opportunities are an often overlooked area of Daylite. Tracking new business (and managing existing business) is often something people don’t consider as a necessary aspect of business management.

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Ryan Cash

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