How Daylite Cloud Makes Syncing Easier

Product Updates / July 5, 2017 / JD

Picture this. You’re meeting with a client and they bring up a project you can’t recall. They say they called and discussed it with your colleague. You open Daylite and can’t find a note for the call. You realize that you forgot to sync with Daylite Self-Serve when you were in the office!


Over the years, we’ve spoken to many customers and one of the most common causes of frustration has been syncing. Sync failures, not having all your data all the time, slow sync and only being able to sync in the office were the kinds of things we heard about a lot. These kinds of discussions were what led us to develop Daylite Cloud.

The result? Syncing is so much easier!

Here are some of the things we’ve heard from customers when talking about the difference Daylite Cloud has made to their business.

Say Goodbye to Sync Issues

One of the first things we hear when talking to customers about their syncing issues is that there is an immense amount of pressure to get back up and running. Your business depends on Daylite, and this is something we are very sensitive to.

The cause of almost all sync issues is related to your network, either the office or your home – wherever you keep your server. Running a Daylite server means that you have to manage everything setup-wise and if one thing goes wrong (such as a hostname change, an update on the network, something goes awry with the firewall or a dozen other networking things) it can cause a sync issue.

“Daylite Cloud has been a game changer. Since we have multiple team members, being able to sync consistently is really important. With Daylite Self-Serve I had a Mac Mini which was ok, but it needed a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting, particularly for remote syncing. With Daylite Cloud my data is always synchronizing no matter where I go.”
– Max Black, OCcollective

We get that you’re focused on being great business owners, not on being networking experts. This fact alone was a major motivator behind Daylite Cloud. By removing the server, Daylite Cloud free’s you from so many things that it can change your Daylite experience entirely.

Suddenly, the most common causes of sync issues for Daylite Self-Serve evaporate. The stress of wondering when your server stops working disappears. With this freedom, you regain valuable time, no longer needing to troubleshoot problems.

By reducing the frustration of managing a server, Daylite Cloud gives you more mental bandwidth to focus on achieving your business goals instead of worry about backups and syncing issues.

See All Your Data All The Time

When we spoke with customers, we found that file sharing was a major requirement. Your business uses PDF contracts, Numbers docs, images, etc. and other files that need to be accessible to your team. Files in your database do not get added to your to your Mac, iPhone & iPad until you view them on that device. If you’re trying to view that hasn’t been downloaded and you’re not connected to your server the file won’t be found stopping you in your tracks.

“I knew that moving to Daylite Cloud would give me one final piece of the jigsaw because it immediately meant my iOS devices were always up to date and I had access to all my files in the cloud. With Daylite Self-Serve there was the issue of devices only syncing a limited amount of data. So if I searched a client from my iPhone and saw there were some attachments, I wouldn’t necessarily be able to open them.”
– Chris Tossell Hawk Eye Consulting Ltd

With Daylite Cloud, we wanted to ensure that you can always find your files so you are prepared, and unstoppable. Since files download on demand when connected to the server, Daylite Cloud always has access to your files.


Speedier Syncing

The Customer Support Team has spoken to thousands of customers over the years, listening to your concerns, building rapport, creating a library of different questions and issues that you face. A common question asked has been “Can I change how often Daylite syncs?”. You use Daylite on your iPhone, iMac, and Macbook, and so does the rest of your team. By the time everything syncs, 10, 15 minutes, or even more have gone by.

“After testing Daylite Cloud, I just realized that the whole side of operating Daylite had just vanished in thin air. Poof!”
– Vincent, International Pharma Services

We heard your concerns. Daylite Cloud syncs much more frequently and does it in smaller bites, making the sync time shorter. It also syncs whenever you save a change. As you work, you’re getting and sending updates continuously. You no longer have to wait for the chain of syncing back and forth just to be up to date with the latest information.

Sync On The Go

Being able to pull up a note, double check your schedule and create tasks while on your iPhone is one of the things customers love about Daylite. It allows you to get things done, and deliver on your promises no matter where you go.

Even with that love in mind, you told us that one of the limitations with Daylite Self-Serve and causes of frustration is that the iPhone and iPad do not sync in the same way as on the Mac. If you didn’t manually sync with the server before you leave the office, you might not have all the most recent information.

With Daylite Cloud, you can sync whenever there is an Internet connection, which on your iPhone is just about anywhere. When you or any member of your team completes a task, book a meeting, or add a contact, Daylite syncs. Now you won’t be caught unaware of any changes in the business.

“Before we moved to Daylite Cloud, we had problems with things not syncing on people’s iPhones. Now that we’re on Daylite Cloud, everything just syncs automatically. We don’t have to worry about someone being in the office and syncing with the server.”
– Josh Nelson, Nelson Elder Care Law

Successful businesses use Daylite to empower their team, giving them the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time. If Daylite is even a few hours behind because you haven’t synced, you’re not going to be the productive business we know you can be.

With more than 90% of new Daylite customers choosing cloud, and many Self-Serve customers moving to Daylite Cloud, is it any wonder why? With seamless syncing that works faster and more reliably, you can work wherever you want and be confident you have what you need to succeed.

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