How Following His Passion Helped Photographer, Jim Jordan, Find Success

Scaling / August 23, 2017 / JD

We spoke with branding expert and celebrity fashion photographer, Jim Jordan, to learn about his journey from surfer kid in Southern California to taking photos of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and running shoots for fashion icons such as Vanity Fair as the founder of Jim Jordan Photography.

In our discussion, Jim shares with us that by relentlessly following your passion, you create the opportunities that help you find happiness in your professional and personal lives. Jim tell us how being genuine with everyone you meet will help you find the right people, and that surrounding yourself with those who can elevate you will be your key to success.

Listen to the full interview and hear Jim’s incredible story that will motivate you and prove that by incorporating your passion into what you do, success is bound to follow.

You catch some of Jim’s best work on Instagram, his website and see what he is up to on Twitter.

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