How iOSXpert Saves Time Scheduling With Acuity Scheduling

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Do you find yourself struggling with keeping track of your schedule? Tired of constantly switching back and forth between different applications to see scheduled appointments?


We interviewed iOSXpert to learn how they avoid streamline booking time with customers with the help of Acuity Scheduling.

iOSXpert has been using Acuity Scheduling to streamline how customers and prospects schedule support and demos for a few months now. They loved the freedom, simplicity and results Acuity Scheduling gave them so much that they are adding Acuity Scheduling into their ProductivityTools Plugin, so anyone can use it.  We wanted to give you a sneak peek of what they’ve been working on.

About iOSXpert

iOSXpert is our Master Marketcircle Expert in Germany with over 1300 Daylite implementations that specialize in Daylite training, custom reports, custom software development and a large variety of Daylite enhancements.  They are one of our longest Marketcircle Experts serving businesses in the EU and worldwide.

How Acuity Scheduling Helped iOSXpert Streamline Their Workflow

Prior to using Acuity Scheduling, iOSXpert would use email or phone to book appointments which they found tedious. When they sent an email to suggest a meeting, there would often be 3 or 4 emails sent back and forth trying to find a time that accommodates everyone.  This was a waste of time and frustrating for everyone involved. iOSXpert knew that if they could show customers all the time slots that were available, and let the customer pick the meeting time, it would save them and the customers pain in the process.

After some research into different scheduling options, iOSXpert decided on Acuity Scheduling as the best tool to fit the job.  Now iOSXpert simply sends an email to the customer with a link to their Acuity Scheduling page and the customer can book a time simply by selecting a time slot. Because Acuity Scheduling and Daylite are able to integrate with one another, customers only see time slots that iOSXpert sets, and iOSXpert is updated in Daylite when someone has confirmed an appointment.

“We save a lot of time and effort by sending out an Email with a link to our calendar.  It requires much less work to schedule appointments with customers and our employees and is much more comfortable for the customers to use. If someone doesn’t have time and wants to cancel or reschedule the appointment, they can do it on their own” – iOSXpert

This workflow has been a huge time-saver for iOSXpert. They save about half a day’s worth of work every week and this doesn’t include the time cost required for emails and phone calls.  As a result, there are more resources at their disposal enabling them to work with more customers and focus more on helping small businesses improve efficiency.  An unexpected benefit of this change is that customers are more comfortable booking an appointment.  They no longer have to email or call ahead, giving them a better overall customer experience.

Here’s a walkthrough of what iOSXpert’s customers see, it’s as easy a-b-c!

a. Choose a time-slot

Book an Appointment

b. Fill out your information

Insert info

c. Confirmation of your appointment

Appointment Confirmation

iOSXpert’s Workflow Available To You

iOSXpert has fallen in love with the flow efficiency provided by integrating Acuity Scheduling with Daylite and they wanted to share it with you.

These capabilities are offered in ProductivityTools, iOSXpert‘s popular tool suite which enhances your Daylite experience.  With Acuity Scheduling‘s integration in ProductivityTools, your Daylite appointments are uploaded as blocked times to AcuityScheduling, and will show as unavailable to anyone you share your Acuity Scheduling link with. The gaps between the appointments are displayed as available, bookable times at Acuity Scheduling. If an appointment is booked, Acuity Scheduling‘s appointment details are forwarded to Daylite so you and your team can see who made the appointment, when they made it and how to get in contact with them.

iOSXpert chose Acuity Scheduling because of the easy integration with numerous systems such as Zapier, MailChimp, Facebook, Google Analytics, WordPress, Zoom and many more empowering you to execute on your plans.  As Acuity Scheduling also offers translation options and time zone support, this can be useful for companies that operate worldwide.

iOSXpert has provided two instructional videos in English to help walk you through the process of setting up Acuity Scheduling‘s integration.  You can find both of them in their Help Centre.  For Daylite Single users, click here and for Multi-users follow this link.

If you’re interested in getting support from iOSXpert, you can use their Acuity Scheduling integration to book an appointment now!


iOSXpert is a Marketcircle Expert that assist businesses worldwide, specializing in Daylite training, custom reports, custom software development and a large variety of Daylite enhancements. Looking to improve efficiency in your business? Give iOSXpert a shout!

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