How To Build Better Relationships with Activity Sets

Quick Tips / August 14, 2017 / JD

Every small business owner knows, relationships are their lifeblood. They help you win more business by building trust, ensuring repeat business and spreading referrals. So, how do you remember to nurture all of your relationships with all the other things you need to do?


If you can consistently keep track of when, and how you follow-up, be it email, phone, or even a newsletter, you will look like a rockstar to your clients. They will see that you’re consistent time and time again, and the reason, of course, is Activity Sets in Daylite.

Activity Sets are like a recipe for how you do business. You set up a series of tasks and/or appointments in your Activity Set, which you can then repeat over and over again for any of the people you want to stay in touch with. When you start adding Activity Sets to your clients, they will think you have superhuman reliability, and they will be right.

Watch this video which walks you through the process of creating Activity Sets to follow up with your customers:

With Activity Sets, I can keep in touch with a customer like you, building a relationship and rapport. By following up on a regular basis, just like I said I would, I can build trust, convert new business, create repeat business and get great referrals through consistency.

Set up your first Activity Set today and start winning more business!

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