How to integrate Daylite and Typeform through Zapier

Quick Tips / December 8, 2016 / Kristie

Do you use Typeform to collect data from new leads? Are you tired of manually taking that info from leads and entering them into Daylite as contacts? Now you can automate this process with Zapier.

Integration with Daylite and Zapier allows you automate workflows between Daylite and popular apps like Typeform, Wufoo, and GoogleForms.

With Zapier, you can automate creating new contacts in Daylite from new Typerform entries. Zapier pulls the contact info from the Typeform entry including their name, email, and phone number and automates the process of creating a new contact in Daylite.

You can also choose to create a new opportunity in Daylite for this contact from the Typeform entry so you can track your progress as you work on converting this lead into an active customer.

This integration helps you save time because you don’t have to look through your Typeform entries and then manually create new contacts in Daylite.

What you’ll need to make this work

You’ll need a Daylite Cloud account, a Zapier account, and a Typeform account that you use to collect information from new leads online.

We suggest creating a new keyword in Daylite first so that you can tag your new contacts and opportunities created through Zapier. This way you know which contacts have come through Typeform entries and you can build Smart Lists by filtering based on the keyword to know which people to follow up with.

Setup your zap

When you log into Zapier, you can search for Daylite to find our Daylite Zapbook. Here you’ll want to choose the zap that creates a new person and opportunity from a Typeform entry.

From there you’ll follow the Zapier instructions to log into Typeform and connect it to your Daylite Cloud account.

Start automating

Once your zap is setup, you can start using it. As soon as someone fills in a Typeform entry, Zapier will automatically pull that info and use it to create a new contact and opportunity in Daylite. You can then use your new keyword to filter for people or opportunities in Daylite that were created from a Typeform entry. This way you always have an updated Smart List of opportunities created by Zapier, so you can always keep on top of new leads.

Please note that Zapier integration is only available with Daylite Cloud, not with Daylite Self-Serve.

Read this help article for full instructions on how to create this workflow.

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