How to integrate Daylite with Caller ID on your iPhone and more

Quick Tips / November 28, 2016 / JD

By sharing your Daylite calendars, contacts, and tasks through DAV, you can take advantage of features in other apps to increase your productivity.

  • Use Caller ID to see when a Daylite contacts is calling you.
  • Create new tasks and add them to your Worklist hands-free using Siri.
  • Add new contacts right into Daylite, straight from a business card scanner.
  • Get a reminder about a meeting scheduled in Daylite on your Apple Watch.

These are just a few examples of features that you can leverage when you share your calendars, contacts and tasks outside of Daylite.

All of this is done through technologies called CardDAV and CalDAV. CalDAV and CardDAV work like a bridge between Daylite and the other apps you share to. This way changes you make in Daylite can travel across to the other apps, and the other way around.


This is built right into Daylite and is just waiting for you to start using.

We’ve put together a short  video to explain the benefits of sharing your Daylite calendars, contacts and tasks outside of Daylite through CardDAV and CalDAV.

Want to take advantage of these features and more? Start sharing your Daylite Contacts outside of Daylite , as well as your Calendars and tasks.

Tip: Don’t forget to make your Daylite DAV groups the default group for the Mac, iPhone and iPad so these sync automatically.

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