How to Integrate Dropbox and Daylite Projects

Quick Tips / January 27, 2012 / Admin

Using cloud storage to share files amongst team members has become fairly common in recent years. Dropbox has become a popular option for cloud storage by making their product so simple that you eventually stop thinking about whether your files have sync’d and just use it like any other folder on your computer. If you haven’t used Dropbox yet, go sign up for a free trial account now. It’s okay, we’ll wait…

An easy way to integrate a Daylite Project and Dropbox together is by using file references that point to a project files folder stored on your Dropbox.

Optionally, this folder can be shared with other team members too*. With file references, you can point to either a local file, or a website URL. We’ll use a URL in this case, so that no matter which team member clicks on the file reference, it will take them to the correct folder. This same technique will work with other cloud storage providers such as box, that can give you a web URL.

We’ve made a 60 second video that shows how this works:

* Check out the Dropbox help site for more info on how to share a project.

If you use the Projects feature in Daylite and are interested in learning more about how to use Dropbox within your current workflow or have any questions on this topic, we are hosting a Webinar on February 7th at 4 PM EST that will be focussed on how to become more efficient in tracking projects using Daylite. Register here to save your spot.


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