How to Juggle More Sales by Working Smarter With Daylite

Quick Tips / December 21, 2016 / JD

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and realized you forgot a follow up with a potential client? And you were supposed to follow up a week ago?


As a business owner, you’re juggling a lot of different things. If you’re trying to remember everything with sticky notes or relying on your memory, things are bound to fall through the cracks at some point. There is a limit to how much your brain can remember. You can’t remember every task, appointment, and detail. When your memory fails, you can drop the ball and it can affect your bottom line.

Fortunately, this is easy to solve. By using Daylite to manage your sales from start to finish, you no longer need to rely on your brain to keep track of all the details.

With Daylite, you won’t need to remember every little detail and date. Daylite frees up your mind and gives you more mental bandwidth. After adding everything into Daylite, all you need to do is get a reminder to reach out, go over the customer’s history and follow-up as planned.

Now you have more capacity to handle more sales, more efficiently because you’re not wasting mental bandwidth.

Total Recall

They say “an elephant never forgets,” but studies show elephants rarely use the internet, so it’s likely that you are not an elephant, and even more likely that you will forget something. You have a lot on the go and have multiple sales happening at once, each at a different stage and separate nuances. Recalling everything is tough. There are so many reasons why you might forget. Riffling through papers, asking around you and wondering “what is that thing you’re supposed to be doing right now” is preventing you from completing your tasks moving on to new sales.

It is time to stop doing it all on your own. Leverage Daylite to track your sales as well as the people, tasks and appointments associated with them so you can just focus on winning business. Create a person, company or both after the first contact with a lead. Make sure to record all their details, so you remember everyone involved in the deal. Now, when you need to reach out, you can quickly jump to a contact and find their email or phone number.


For potential sales, you’ll also want to create an opportunity and fill in as many details as well. You can link the person/company to the opportunity so you can keep track of how many potential business deals you have. This helps you also make sure you’re moving each of them forward. Then link new tasks and appointments to the opportunity so everything is organized in one place.

Now you can easily recall everything about a sale. Simply pull up an opportunity and you now can see the whole history and all details. You can also see in the opportunity what meetings you have coming up related to the sale, and any unfinished tasks.

Opportunity History

Automation, Assemble!

You’ve spent years honing your sales process. You know when to reach out and check in on your clients or leads. You know the best time to follow up with your clients after an initial meet up. Adding each task and appointment for your sales process manually can be tedious. It is easy to forget something and the time you spend entering data could be devoted to getting new leads. If you find yourself here, it is time to automate your sales process through Daylite with Activity Sets.

An Activity Set is a series of tasks and appointments that you frequently repeat. By using Activity Sets, you can create the series of tasks or appointments all at once. When you have tasks generated automatically and get a reminder in Daylite, it helps you stay on track of each and every sale with the click of a button. You can now spend less time on data entry, and more time moving to new sales with confidence.

Think of Activity Sets as a process safety net. You can always create the same series of things over and over again. When you add reminders, you’ll always get notifications when to touch base, even if you follow up once and don’t hear back. You can create Activity Sets to follow-up after one week, one month, and three months for each lead. The system you’ve created gives you confidence that you are doing everything you can to win so why not make sure it is being used every time.

When you use Daylite to track your sales, you give yourself more capacity to juggle more deals. Instead of keeping all the fine details in your head, you can quickly find details about your lead or client, see how you are progressing, and what you have ahead. When you automate the process of creating new tasks and appointments with Activity Sets, you turbo charge your efficiency. Spend less effort doing busy work, and more time focusing on winning business by tracking the whole sales process with Daylite.

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