7 Time Saving Tricks for Managing Contacts in Daylite

Quick Tips / April 7, 2016 / Kristie

From capturing leads to managing follow ups and appointments with clients, Daylite offers flexible ways to organize and keep track of your clients. If you’re looking for ways to leverage new features in Daylite 6 to save time and clicks, this post is right up your alley.


Create quick follow up tasks, appointments, and notes with the Quick Link Buttons.

A big part of contact management is following up, scheduling meetings, and taking call notes. From the Activity View of a person or company in Daylite, you can create a new note to track call details, create a follow up task, or schedule a meeting in one click using the new Quick Link Buttons. Creating a follow up or appointment within the contact Activity View saves you the time of manually linking it to the customer. In previous version of Daylite these options were under the “+” button in the Activity View and took extra clicks. Now with these options right within the Activity View, it’s faster than ever to set a follow up task or create a new note when you’re on a call.


Use this shortcut to call a customer

When you’re going through your customers in Daylite on your Mac and you need to make a call, you can use your Mac to start calling the customer from your iPhone. You can also use this feature to start FaceTiming a customer. From the contact in Daylite, click next to their phone number and select “Call”. This will initiate the call from your iPhone so you save the time of having to find the contact on your iPhone before calling.


View a customer’s address in Maps

When you’re preparing to visit a customer, you can quickly check where they are and find out how long it’ll take you to drive there by quickly viewing their address in Maps. From the contact in Daylite, click next to their address and select “Open in Maps”. Now you’ll see exactly where they’re located, how long it will take you to drive there, and can get directions. This helps you manage contacts and your time.


Use the Mini Calendar to check your schedule and reschedule follow ups

While you’re on the phone or reviewing your follow ups for the day, you can easily check your schedule to plan out your day and future tasks by using the Mini Calendar. The Mini Calendar is in the sidebar so you can click to pull it up anytime – whether you’re in your task list, opportunity list, or the Home Screen.

You can also use it to reschedule follow up tasks by dragging a task onto a date in the Mini Calendar. This is a faster way to assign a new due date than manually updating the date within the task.


Greg Brown, The Productivity DJ, loves this new feature because it saves him time while scheduling meetings with his clients.

“I especially like the Mini Calendar view. If I’m talking with a client and need to book video chat time, I don’t need to switch to the calendar. Wherever I am in Daylite I can click a day in the Mini Calendar to see where I have time to schedule. It saves me time and it’s quick and easy to use from anywhere in Daylite. Love it!”

–Greg Brown, The Productivity DJ

Use Activity Sets to automate multiple follow up tasks

By using Activity Sets, you can trigger a series of follow up tasks spread out across a specific time frame. For example, lets say anytime you get a new client you want to make sure you follow up with them at least once a month. Now in Daylite 6, you have additional details that you can include such as the type of task–for example a call, the location, and estimated time that it will take.

Instead of having to create multiple follow up tasks every month, you can just apply an Activity Set to the person or company and Daylite will automatically populate those tasks and let you know when they’re due.


To learn more about Activity Sets, watch this tutorial video.

Capture accurate info when you’re on the go

Managing contacts successfully means capturing information no matter where you are so it’s accurate and you don’t forget anything. When you meet a new lead or a contact while you’re on the go, you can capture them in Daylite on your iPhone or iPad.

With the release of Daylite 6, you can now edit and create new categories, keywords, roles, and relationships. This helps you capture accurate information right away because if you need to create a new keyword for a client or create a new role, you can do it right from your iPhone or iPad.


Use filters to find contacts on your iPhone and iPad

In Daylite 6 we’ve made it easier to manage contacts by creating segments and sifting through your contacts through filtering on your iPhone and iPad. You can filter your contacts in Daylite by category, keyword, first name, or last name to quickly sift through the people and companies in your database while you’re on the go. You can also filter by both category and keyword for example, looking through contacts that have the category “Client” and the keyword “purchased in 2015”.


These time-saving features in Daylite 6 make it easier and more efficient for you to manage contacts. When you’re juggling a bunch of leads and clients, these little productivity hacks make your life a little bit easier. Learn about other new features in Daylite on our What’s New page.


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