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How To Pull Leads from Facebook Lead Ads into Daylite with Zapier

Quick Tips / February 14, 2017 / Kristie

Do you advertise on Facebook and want an easy way to import those leads into Daylite? With the Facebook Lead Ad Zap, you can automate having Facebook Lead Ads created as new contacts in Daylite.

When you use Facebook Lead Ads to attract new potential clients, these leads are captured through a form in Facebook. This makes it quick for a lead to request a demo, price list, quote, or get a special offer. Instead of having to then manually enter those leads as new contacts in Daylite, you can automate this with Zapier.

Zapier pulls the contact info from the Facebook Lead Ad form and uses it to automatically create a new contact in Daylite. This saves you time and makes it much faster to follow up with these contacts in Daylite.

Please note: Zapier integration is only available with Daylite Cloud. It is not available for Daylite Self-Serve. Also, this specific zap for Facebook Lead Ads requires a Premium Zapier account.

We suggest using a Keyword for “Zapier-Facebook Lead” or something similar, so that you can create a Smart List of contacts created through this zap. This allows you to segment which leads have come in through a Facebook Lead Ad so you can then follow up with them and convert them into customers.

To start taking advantage of this integration, check out our Daylite Zapbook and choose the Facebook Lead Ad zap.

For more information about how to integrate Daylite and Zapier, read this article in our Help Centre.

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