How To Pull Mailing List Subscribers from MailChimp into Daylite

Quick Tips / May 18, 2017 / JD

Every minute you’re not spending closing deals or helping clients you’re losing out on opportunities to win more business. Adding automation to your lead gen and nurturing efforts can be a huge boost to productivity, freeing you to focus on what matters.


If you’re using a webform, or simply adding contacts to MailChimp lists for Email marketing, you have an amazing list of people who are interested in your business. By leveraging all the sales tracking, project management and CRM features in Daylite you increase your conversion rates and win more business.

In the past, getting those contacts into Daylite meant that you needed to export from MailChimp, and then importing into Daylite, over and over again, by hand. For Daylite Cloud customers, all this has changed with the help of Zapier integration. Say goodbye to manually importing and say hello to the world of automation. With this newest Zap, MailChimp-Daylite, contacts that get added to a MailChimp list will be automatically added to Daylite, taking all the effort out of data entry.

Using this Zap gives your more time and mental bandwidth for converting leads and building relationships with your customers instead of working for your software. Having Daylite and MailChimp working together gives you a more complete led gen and sales process.

Interesting in decreasing the time and effort it takes to add your MailChimp contacts into Daylite? Check out the step by step guide on how to set this up!

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