How to Stay on Top of Project Tasks with Daylite While Working Remotely

Quick Tips / April 30, 2020 / Emily

In our previous post, How to Organize and Share Project Details & Files in Daylite While Working Remotely, we showed you how easy it is to keep every detail your project generates in one place. Now it’s time to tackle all the tasks that come with a project.

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Not knowing who’s responsible for what and if it’s been done means you have to spend time chasing people, following up too often, and putting other work on hold. It’s a frustrating waste of time. With Daylite’s delegation, you can keep track of who’s been assigned what and when they’re done.

Delegate tasks and stay up to date

1. Delegate Tasks on the fly

Delegate tasks to other Daylite users and check off Notify me of changes to get an alert when the task has been put in progress or is completed.

When the Task is updated, you will get a notification.

Got an urgent task you’re keeping an eye on? You can add the 🔥emoji (or any emoji your prefer) to the title of the delegated Task for a visual. Hold down Control + ⌘ + Space bar to pull up the emoji menu anywhere on your Mac.

‼️Pro Tip: Learn task delegation step by step and create a delegated Tasks dashboard for even more oversight.

Re-prioritize your task list

As you’re working on a Project, you’ll often need to re-prioritize tasks or create new ones on the fly. This means updating your team and wasting time scheduling a meeting every time this happens. Using the workflows below, you can adjust tasks as needed and keep your team updated without having to book a meeting or send an email every time.

1. Re-prioritize your task list

You can drag and drop tasks in your task list to reprioritize their order. If something has become urgent, move it up on your task list by dragging it to its new location.

You can also drag and drop tasks in your Pipeline to reprioritize them to the top or bottom of the list. If an additional task comes up that isn’t part of your normal workflow, easily add it to your Pipeline tasks or tasklist.

‼️Pro Tip: You can change the deadline for any task by dragging it to the mini-calendar and dropping it on the new date.

2. Visual overview with Kanban Boards

For visual oversight of your project and to make decisions and prioritization easier, you can implement Kanban Boards into your Daylite Projects with Boards for Daylite by iOSXpert. 

A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that helps you optimize and streamline your processes. This visual makes keeping everyone on the same page even easier.

Using Boards, you can immediately see which tasks are still open, which are already being processed, and who is currently responsible for each task.

Overdue tasks are made more prominent, allowing you and your team to identify bottlenecks or delays immediately. Drag and drop tasks to re-prioritize them, analyze workloads, change priorities as needed, and update a Project status all at a glance.

You can learn more about everything possible with Boards and if you’re ready to get started, you can try Boards free for 30 days. 

‼️Pro Tip: You also can add the 🔥emoji (or any emoji your prefer) to the title of the Task with the Boards plugin. Hold down Control + ⌘ + Space bar to pull up the emoji menu anywhere on your Mac.

With these workflows, you can say goodbye to chasing your team to know what’s been done or spending time trying to remember who’s doing what with Daylite’s Task delegation. You can make re-prioritization a simple and visual process, keeping you agile and up to date. Working from home just got easier! For even more ways to make working remotely work for you, try our top ten tips for working remotely. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll teach you how to collaborate with your team on a Project flawlessly, even when you’re working remotely.

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