How Working on the Go with Daylite Can Make Your Business Better

Executing on Plans / April 17, 2017 / JD

Quickly sharing information is key to increasing productivity in your business. The sooner your team sees a task, the faster it can get done. When you or your team are on the road, waiting for information to change hands can really put a damper on your productivity.


You need to keep your sales reps and other team members up-to-date about tasks, meetings, clients, etc., and this can be a hard enough challenge in the office. But this doesn’t just mean in the office when they are sitting across from you because your team is mobile. If you’re waiting for them to come back into the office to get the latest information you’re slowing your business down and puts its on poor footing.

See the different ways having a system that keeps your data centralized and works wherever you are like Daylite can help you be more productive and your team be more effective.

Rolling with the Punches

A lot happens in a day. Client’s cancel meetings, new tasks are added and delegated, a customer signs off on an opportunity . Any change should be clearly communicated as quickly as possible. Communication is hard enough for most businesses but when you have employees working on the go the challenge is much greater.

So how do you communicate in your business? Email? Text? When you use Daylite you all the important stuff is centralized in your database and as long as everyone is syncing, they will be notified.

Now when your assistant updates your schedule because an inspector called saying they are running late and won’t be able to make it today, you can go the extra mile and extend the open house hours instead of rushing out the door to another location and find no one there. When an happens emergency and the boss shifts priorities in your task list, you can get notifications of tasks being updated. When your sales team closes the deal while you’re traveling you can reach out and congratulate them right away instead of waiting hours to find out the big deal is done.

Work Doesn’t Have to Stop For Life

The kids are sick, there is a new puppy at home or the weather has made the daily commute into a hazard. As more and more companies embrace working from home, your employee’s are deciding that choosing to either slow the business down or taking care of their personal lives is a decision they shouldn’t have to make. If you’re not following this trend it can put you at risk of falling behind for productivity as well as recruitment.

With Daylite, you can be running the numbers and calling clients while sitting in the living room because everything needed is always in front of you. As you make changes the rest of you team can see it and react accordingly

Don’t Stress On Business Trips

Have you ever been on a business trip and your iPhone or Mac breaks? The stress of getting all your work data back can be extreme and ruin the whole trip. When you have a centralized database with all your contacts, appointments tasks, opportunities etc that is accessible remotely you don’t need to stress the repair.

After you get the device back, or a replacement the process is made so simple. All you need to do is install Daylite again, login and watch as your data downloads from the database. You day doesn’t have to be ruined and you can get back to your clients in no time.

These are just a few examples of the power of working with Daylite on the go. Having your team connected to a centralized database and including everything they need to work gives your team the confidence and agility to roll with the punches, have better work life balance and even stress less when out of the office.

Cloud or Self-Serve?

Daylite Cloud and Self-Serve are both capable of syncing remotely but Daylite Self-Serve, remote syncing doesn’t come out of the box. We have made the process as easy as possible, but unless good bit of knowledge about networking than configuring remote syncing can be a challenge.

This is a consideration you must make when deciding to run an on premise solution and a major benefit to Daylite Cloud. Things like knowing your public IP address, opening ports, or managing your firewall are things that you simply don’t need to think about with Daylite Cloud. All you need to do is log in. Even troubleshooting is easier because we have a team of experts who are monitoring the Cloud 24/7 and if you ever have a problem they are probably already looking at it.

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