Hungry For a Strike

Our Company / July 25, 2014 / Kristie

When you can’t decide as a group what to all have for lunch…bowling satisfies all the cravings. Nothing brings a company together like a group bowling outing. Teammates cheer each other on, some people’s strange rituals are exposed, and others just like to hang out and eat pizza.

Whatever you’re into, bowling is a fun company activity that we tried this week. There were quite a few strikes, smiles, and a few broken nails, but overall it was a great time to enjoy each other’s company and let some hidden skills shine.

Since we like a little healthy competition, the winner with the best score was given a free 90-minute bowling ticket with five friends. Obviously those five friends would also be Marketcircle employees, so technically there were six winners. Not a bad outcome.



The best scores were Fraser in 3rd place, Ray in 2nd, and Rahim in 1st. We recommend getting out once in a while and enjoying something fun together as a company, and now we know how Rahim spends his weekends…just kidding


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