Improve Your Inbox Workflow

Quick Tips / September 8, 2014 / Kristie

For many people, the work day starts with checking your email. Your email is essentially another “to-do” list. From your emails you have leads that need to be followed up with, appointments that need to be scheduled, and tasks that need to be completed. Daylite Mail Assistant was designed to help you take action from your emails – allowing you to schedule an appointment, create a new opportunity, or set a reminder right from your inbox. This way you can get the things done that you need to without having to leave your Mail window.

A new feature in Daylite further improves the way you work from your email by allowing you to edit information directly through Daylite Mail Assistant. This means you can update or change information in your Daylite database without having to leave Mail. You can update a contact’s email address, add a new keyword to a contact, or make modifications to an appointment in Daylite right from your Daylite Mail Assistant window.

Now when a you get an email from a contact and they have a new email address or phone number, you can update that information right from your Mail window. Or if you’re emailing a prospect and they confirm that they are interested in purchasing a service or product from you, you can change their category from “Lead” to “Client” right in Daylite Mail Assistant. All you have to do is select the linked object from your Daylite Mail Assistant window, and click to edit the information right there.


“One of the biggest new benefits of Daylite 5, for me personally, was the ability to edit contact data in Daylite without leaving—directly via the Daylite Mail Assistant user interface. That’s something that has probably doubled my contact management efficiency!”- Matt Henderson, Co-founder of Makalu.

This new feature improves the way you manage your inbox because everything is done in one place. You save time because any changes you need to make can be done while you’re still in Apple Mail.



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