Indie+Relief: A Great Success!

Scaling / February 1, 2010 / Ryan

It seems like you can’t use the phrase “great success” without people chuckling “haha, Borat” – but this was truly a great success for all of us at Marketcircle.

On January 20th, 2010, all proceeds from Billings Mac sales were donated to Doctors Without Borders. We were able to raise $7,000 to help with the crisis in Haiti.

And we couldn’t have done it alone.

Hats off to Second Gear and Garrett Murray for organizing the Indie+Relief event.

Hats off again (yes we’re wearing 2 hats) to our loyal customers – we couldn’t have achieved this without you either.

In total, the Indie+Relief fundraiser was able to generate $143,872 in financial aid for Haiti.

For a list of the other great software that participated in the event, check out this link.

Thanks once again!

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