Industry Pack for Consulting is here

Scaling / January 21, 2014 / Kristie

We’re happy to announce our newest Industry Pack we’ve added to the collection- Consulting! While consulting covers a broad range of services, the main goal is the same…helping clients. We’ve worked with consultants in numerous fields to put together this Industry Pack. Included in the Industry Pack is a file that customizes your Daylite preferences such as categories and pipeline stages specific to consultants.


We’ve also included forms that you can use for initial client meetings and for evaluating completed client projects. The Industry Pack for Consulting contains two pipelines. A consulting pipeline geared to help guide the process of obtaining new business and a pipeline for tracking the progress of client projects.


In addition the downloadable file, we’ve created a workflow page where consultants can learn an effective flow and use of Daylite’s features.

Visit our Download Instructions Page to download the Consulting Pack and read these workflow instructions to learn how to implement each Daylite feature.

We are continuing to work on new Industry Packs so stay tuned for more! If you’re interested in helping us to create an Industry Pack for your industry please e-mail us at

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