Industry Pack for Design is here

Product Updates / May 28, 2014 / Kristie

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Design to help Graphic Designers and Art Directors get more out of Daylite. We’ve worked with Daylite customers including Eriq Chang to create a template that other designers can use in their workflow.

The Industry Pack for Design is a preset file that customizes your Daylite preferences. The preset file can be used with a new Daylite database or an existing database. It will add additional categories, keywords, pipelines, activity sets, forms, etc. The Industry Pack for Design includes a sales pipelines to track where you are with each potential client, as well as a design project pipeline to track the work that follows after the contract is signed. This way no matter how many design projects and prospect clients you’re juggling at a time, you’ll have everything organized. These pipelines also help to make sure everyone on your team is in the loop and knows what stage each project is in from initial concept right up to finished design.


We’ve included categories such as “Website Design”, “Print Project”, and “Editing Work” so you can sort the types of projects you take on. Keywords included in the Industry Pack for Design such as “Fashion Designer”, “Real Estate”, “Photographer”, etc. help you to organize your types of clients. This also helps other people on your team to easily identify the client.


To help designers keep all the details for each client and project organized, we’ve created a Creative Brief Form to capture all the details. These forms are accessible from your iPhone and iPad as well so when you’re in a client meeting, you can easily gather all the information you need about the target audience, budget, deadline, tone, styling details, and more and have it in Daylite so you can refer back while you’re working.

The Industry Pack for Design also comes with a PDF of detailed workflow instructions to help designers learn how to incorporate each Daylite feature into their workflow. The Industry Packs have been moved to our Help Centre. Now all the information you need about the Industry Pack and how to install it is all in one place.

We are continuing to create more Industry Packs with help from our customers and Marketcircle Experts. If you’re interested in helping us create an Industry Pack for Financial Services, Marketing, or Non-Profit please contact us at

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