Industry Pack for Music is Here

Product Updates / September 15, 2014 / Kristie

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Music to help musicians, DJs, music teachers, and agents in the music industry get the most out of Daylite. With help from Daylite customers such as Tomas Janzon and other musicians, agents, and DJs, we’ve created a template and workflow instructions that other professionals in the music industry can leverage.

The Industry Pack for Music comes with a file that customizes your Daylite preferences, and a PDF with workflow instructions. The file will add additional categories, keywords, pipelines, and opportunity types to your Daylite database. This is ideal for new Daylite users that want a better understanding of how to customize and use each Daylite feature to fit their business.  Existing Daylite customers can also benefit from the Industry Pack for Music because they can learn new workflows and increase their productivity.

The Industry Pack for Music includes categories for people such as  “Musician”, “Agent”, “Student”, “Client”, and appointment categories such as “Potential Concert”, “Confirmed Concert”, “Potential Tour”, and “Confirmed Tour”.

These categories help to distinguish between the many types of people you may come in contact with, as well as easily differentiate between potential and confirmed bookings.


music_tour_iPhoneMultiple pipelines for opportunities and for projects are included in the Industry Pack for Music. These pipelines help you track booking opportunities, booking projects when the date is confirmed, teaching opportunities, and recording projects. The pipelines can be further tweaked to fit your own process, but are a great starting point to understand how to leverage this feature. These pipelines are accessible on your iPhone or iPad so you can move a project forward no matter where you are.

Visit our Help Centre to download the Industry Pack for Music and learn how you can manage your booking schedule more efficiently with Daylite.

If you are interested in helping us create an Industry Pack for your industry, or have a request for an Industry Pack, please contact us at

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