Industry Pack for Real Estate is here!

Product Updates / November 13, 2013 / Kristie

For everyone that has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Industry Pack for Real Estate…brace yourself… because it’s here!

Since the release of the Industry Pack for Law, we’ve worked with Daylite customers that are both commercial and residential real estate professionals. They’ve helped us understand how Daylite can be used within the real estate industry to organize, manage and expand your business through the buying and selling process.

The Industry Pack for Real Estate is a a set of workflow instructions and a file that customizes your preferences and can be easily downloaded and applied to a new or existing Daylite database. Now you can categorize your clients to sort them by ‘ active, inactive, hot, medium or cool prospects’. The Industry Pack also comes populated with keywords so you can tag your Contacts as a ‘Buyer’ or ‘Seller’, tag your LS(Lead Source) by’Referral’, your PN(Personal Network) by  ‘Appraiser’, ‘Building Inspector’ or ‘Mortgage Broker’, and more.

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An important part of being a realtor is keeping an eye on where you are with each property sale or purchase. With the ‘Property Purchase’ and ‘Property Sale’ pipelines in the Real Estate Pack, you can track the stages of your buying and/or selling leads with reminder steps along the way. The stages of the pipelines and steps involved in each stage can easily be modified to suit your personal needs.


Every real estate agent has their own process, but the main goal is the same; to organize and manage your leads in order to increase the amount of deals closed! We’ve provided an easy way to start incorporating all Daylite features into your workflow with this customized Pack for real estate professionals. We’ve also provided you with Detailed Real Estate Workflow Instructions which include a brief summary of how each Daylite feature can be used in your business.

Visit our Download Instruction Page to download the Real Estate Pack and read these workflow instructions to learn how to utilize Daylite to the max!

Our partners at Learn Daylite helped us create the Industry Pack for Real Estate. For upcoming real-estate specific courses, please visit their website for more information.

We’re working on our next Industry Pack so stay tuned for more! Once again, if you’re interested in helping us create an Industry Pack please e-mail us at info at

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