Industry Pack for Recruiting is Here

Product Updates / October 29, 2014 / Kristie

We’ve created an Industry Pack for Recruiting to help recruiters in any industry get the most out of Daylite. With help from customers like Polaris Placement, we’ve been able to create a template and workflow instructions that other recruiting agents and recruiting firms can use to leverage Daylite.

The Industry Pack for Recruiting comes with a file that customized your Daylite preferences and a PDF with workflow instructions. The file will add additional categories, keywords, pipelines, and forms to your Daylite database. The workflow instructions explain how each Daylite feature can be used by recruiters for a streamlined workflow. The Industry pack for Recruiting is ideal for new Daylite users in the recruiting field that want a better understanding of how to use Daylite for their business. Existing Daylite customers can also benefit from the Industry Pack for Recruiting by learning new workflows to help increase productivity.

Included in the Industry Pack for Music are categories such as “Client”, “Candidate”, “Recruiting”, and “Training”. Keywords included in the pack are “Legal”, “Financial”, “Medical”, and “Technical”.

The workflow instructions explain how possible candidate list can be easily created by filtering for the category “Candidate” and using keywords for the industry as well as specific job skills.


The Industry Pack for Recruiting includes an opportunity Pipelines for “Client Prospect” to track your potential business with a new client, as well as project pipelines for “Outstanding Candidates” and “Active Job Orders”. The workflow instructions explain how you can use the pipelines and other Daylite features to move through the recruiting process from identifying a position, to training and placing a candidate.

flow chart

recruiting_iphone_form_smallTo help you stay mobile while you’re working, you can use the Forms in the Industry Pack for Recruiting to gather information about a job placement from the client, as well as gather information about a candidate during an interview from your iPhone and iPad.

Visit our Help Centre to download the Industry Pack for Recruiting and learn how you can manage your job placements more efficiently with Daylite.

If you are interested in helping us create an Industry Pack for your industry, or have a request for an Industry Pack, please contact us at

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