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Infographic: Email Management Tips You Can’t Live Without

Ever feel like you can’t possibly deal with one more email? In all likelihood, you’re not alone: The world sends about 200 billion emails—each and every single day. For the average worker, that equals about one-third of one’s productive (or non-productive) day.

It’s no wonder that dealing with email (and getting overwhelmed by it) can feel like a full-time job. That’s why instituting a system that helps you better manage email can help you regain not just minutes, but hours, of your day.

For starters, keeping a whole lot of emails in your inbox is actually an email management killer—you should try to limit what you see all the time to about 20 emails. When you work in an office, one quick solution is just to not send the email—just ask the question or make the request in person.

What else works? This graphic has some good ideas.