Integrating Billings Pro with MoneyWorks and Quickbooks for Mac

Quick Tips / March 24, 2015 / Kristie

Using MoneyWorks or Quickbooks on your Mac to manage your accounting? Want to be able to export your data from Billings Pro to these programs? No problem.

Our integration guides walk you through how to export your clients, retainers, invoices, and payments from Billings Pro into MoneyWorks or QuickBooks for Mac. This way you can use Billings Pro to track time and manage your invoices, then use either MoneyWorks or QuickBooks for Mac to manage your accounts receivable, payments, and other accounting needs.

Integrating BP with MW and QBFor the integration guide for Billings Pro and MoneyWorks visit this article.

For the integration guide for Billings Pro and Quickbooks for Mac visit this article.

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