Interview with Victor Medina: Marketing Your Legal Practice

Scaling / January 24, 2017 / Kristie

Growing a legal practice is more than just providing excellent customer service and being a great lawyer. To grow your practice, you need to invest time, energy, and money into marketing your practice so you can expand your client list beyond just referrals.

We interviewed Victor Medina of Medina Law Group LLC to learn about how he’s marketed and grown his legal practice.

Victor Medina is a lawyer that definitely knows a thing or two about growing a law firm. Victor is the Founder, Managing Parter, and Lead Counselling Attorney at Medina Law Group LLC in Pennington, New Jersey. He’s also the author of 2 books:

Make It Last: How to get & keep your legal ducks in a row

Make it Last: Ensuring your nest egg is around as long as you are

In addition to managing a practice and writing two successful books, Victor Medina has also launched the all-Mac legal conference, MacTrack Legal, formerly knows as MILOfest.

In this interview, our Community Manager, Amin Rahmani, and Victor Medina discuss general principles about marketing a legal practice. Victor discusses tracking ROI on your marketing efforts, as well as common missteps made by entrepreneurs in the legal space when it comes to marketing your firm.

They discuss pricing strategy for legal firms, tactics that solopreneurs and small law firms can use to gain a competitive edge, and how to position yourself as an expert in the legal field to attract better clients.

During this interview, Victor emphasizes the importance of making decisions for the long-term of your business. One of the techniques Victor has leveraged is the My Great Life™ worksheet shown below. The exercise is geared to help you gain more control over where you want to take your business and life.

My Great Life worksheet

The My Great Life™ worksheet is provided with permission by Atticus, Inc., a coaching and practice management company for attorneys. My Great Life™ is the copyrighted intellectual property of Atticus, Inc. For more information about how Atticus can help transform your practice, visit the Atticus Advantage website.

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