Introducing the mini timer for Billings Pro on iPhone

Product Updates / September 19, 2016 / Kristie

We’ve released Billings Pro 2.2.4 for iPhone and iPad. This update adds a mini timer to Billings Pro on iPhone, an easier way to file slips on iPhone and iPad, and adds support for iOS 10. Three things to get excited about–yay!

time tracking mini timer

Meet the mini timer

The mini timer on iPhone allows you to easily manage your timers from anywhere in the app. Whether you’re on the Home Screen or adding payment to an invoice, you can quickly start or stop a timer. Just tap or drag up the mini timer to see your list of active time slips.

We’ve heard from customers that while they love the easier way to manage and create invoices on iPhone, accessing timers wasn’t quite as convenient. So our design team went to work creating a simpler and faster way to manage timers on the iPhone, while still keeping the functionality of quick invoicing from the Home Screen.

Our Billings Pro design team took some inspiration from Apple and designed a mini timer that works similarly to the Apple Play button on Apple Music. This way you still have the super-quick way to create invoices from scratch from the Home Screen, and you have the added ability to quickly manage your timers from the Home Screen – or anywhere else in the app.

The mini timer is always at the bottom bar of your Billings Pro screen on your iPhone. You can tap it or swipe up to quickly access your timers. Then when you’re done pausing or starting a new timer, you can tap or slide it down. This makes managing your timers faster and easier because you don’t have to switch screens.

mini timer - time tracking

File timed, flat & expense slips easier

We’ve also improved Billings Pro on iPhone and iPad to make organizing your slips easier. When you create a new timed, flat, or expense slip this now opens in full screen and suggests projects to file the slip. The list of suggested projects is your recent projects – the same order of projects on your Home Screen.

This way when you’re quickly adding an expense to a project on the go, you can just tap to select the project and it’s filed. If you have a project open and create a slip, Billings Pro will suggest that project as the default one to file the slip. If the slip is actually for another project– no worries– you can just tap to select the correct project just as easily.

Download the latest update for Billings Pro on iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

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