Kanban Boards Have Come to Daylite: Introducing Boards for Daylite from iOSXpert

Our Company / September 24, 2019 / Kristie

Whether you’re executing on client projects or deals, Kanban boards make managing the workload simpler! Our friends at iOSXpert have just released the Boards add-on for Daylite so you can streamline your project and deal management more than ever!

daylite kanban board iosxpert

A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that helps you optimize and streamline your processes. You can now maximize your efficiency with Boards for Daylite by iOSXpert. With the Board add-on, you can use Boards for your Projects and Opportunities, choose different Board views, look at Project and Opportunity Board overviews, have grouped Boards, and delegate Tasks by dragging and dropping! The possibilities are endless.

Using Boards, you can immediately see which tasks are still open, which are already being processed, and who is currently responsible for each task. Overdue tasks are made more prominent, allowing you and your team to identify bottlenecks or delays immediately. Analyze workloads, change priorities, and update a Project or Opportunity status all at a glance! Boards help you react to changes and ensure Projects and Opportunites get done on time while making the whole process smoother and, dare we say it, more fun! 

daylite kanban boards

Our VP of Marketing, Kristie, has already taken advantage of Boards when working with our Graphic Designer, Alvina! 

“I’ve found that since using the Kanban board to prioritize Alvina’s design work, it’s cut down on meetings and check-ins and it’s much faster to assign work and check on the status. I don’t have to ping her on Slack or email or have a meeting to discuss moving around priorities, I just drag and drop to re-prioritize work on Alvina’s board in the “planned” column! I don’t have to bug her on Slack to check when stuff’s done, I can see what’s in the “pending” column that’s waiting on my approval and what’s “done.” Makes the process much smoother for both of us!” 

Kristie Holden, VP of Marketing
daylite mac crm kanban boards

You can learn more about everything possible with Boards and try Boards free for 30 days right now! 

4 Responses to “Kanban Boards Have Come to Daylite: Introducing Boards for Daylite from iOSXpert”

    Jan Jones
  1. Yet another added cost for an already costly product. At the same time the practical functionality of Daylite remains stagnant: when might v7 appear??

  2. Hi Jan – Daylite was actually named one of the most affordable CRMs by Capterra! We are always working on improving Daylite – if there are any specific features you’re looking for, you’re always welcome to reach out to us at info@marketcircle.com so we can log this for you!

  3. Jack
  4. Installed on desktop. Does it work on iPhone or iPad?

  5. That’s great, Jack! No version for iOS at the moment, but we’ll pass that along to iOSXpert!

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